Add suburb geocode to timingpoints tables too
[bus.git] / maxious-canberra-transit-feed / cbrtable.yml
maxious Add suburb geocode to timingpoints tables too
maxious Via points and Stops by Suburb added
root Add html/pdf inconsistency fixes
root Use local green pin and upgrade jquery mobile to …
maxious Display which routes are modified when a stop is …
maxious Fix character escaping
maxious Fix typos in headboards/destination names
maxious Added service periods to route names
maxious Add trip planner, fix weekend routes appearing on…
maxious More work on mobile UI, changed to network 10 sta…
maxious Add weekend Network 10
maxious More network 10 updates
maxious Tidy Network 09 output away
maxious Add between stops to feed YAML
maxious Add initial between point adding prototype
maxious rectify inline yaml sequence format