Show top datasets cross-publisher. Drop-down for the publisher. Browser version numbers filtered on download, so you get this version in the CSV too - for privacy. single_popular_dataset now copes when not much data, and can return the figures so DGU can reskin it in its own repo. Notes about usage stats centralised to notes.html.
[ckanext-ga-report.git] / ckanext / ga_report / templates / ga_report / site / index.html
blob:a/ckanext/ga_report/templates/ga_report/site/index.html -> blob:b/ckanext/ga_report/templates/ga_report/site/index.html
--- a/ckanext/ga_report/templates/ga_report/site/index.html
+++ b/ckanext/ga_report/templates/ga_report/site/index.html
@@ -9,23 +9,18 @@
   <py:match path="primarysidebar">
     <li class="widget-container boxed widget_text">
-      <h4>Site-wide</h4>
-      <p>
-          Note: this data does not include API calls and some values have been rounded up to 2 decimal places.  Where there are a large number of browser versions they have been grouped together.
+      <h4>Download</h4>
+      <p><center>
+          <a class="btn button btn-primary" href="${h.url_for(controller='ckanext.ga_report.controller:GaReport',action='csv',month=c.month or 'all')}">Download as CSV</a></center>
-    <li class="widget-container boxed widget_text">
-      <h4>Download</h4>
-      <p><center>
-          <a class="btn button" href="${h.url_for(controller='ckanext.ga_report.controller:GaReport',action='csv',month=c.month or 'all')}">Download as CSV</a></center>
-      </p>
-    </li>
+    <xi:include href="../notes.html" />
   <div py:match="content">
       <h1>Site Usage</h1>
-      ${usage_nav('Site-wide', None)}
+      ${usage_nav('Site-wide')}
       <form class="form-inline" action="${h.url_for(controller='ckanext.ga_report.controller:GaReport',action='index')}" method="get">
           <div class="controls">
@@ -36,7 +31,7 @@
                 <option value='${val}' py:attrs="{'selected': 'selected' if c.month == val else None}">${desc}</option>
-           <input class="btn button" type='submit' value="Update"/>
+           <input class="btn button btn-primary" type='submit' value="Update"/>
@@ -88,6 +83,7 @@
          <div class="tab-pane" id="browsers_versions">
+             <p>Note: Where a browser has a large number of versions, these have been grouped together.</p>
          <div class="tab-pane" id="browsers_names">
@@ -100,11 +96,11 @@
         <div class="tab-pane" id="social_referrals_totals">
-            <p>Number of visits to urls referred from social networks</p>
+            <p>Number of visits that were referred from social networks</p>
         <div class="tab-pane" id="social_networks">
-            <p>Percentage of visits referred from these social networks</p>
+            <p>Percentage of visits that were referred from these social networks</p>
              ${stat_table(c.social_networks, 'Visits')}