[854] Better error handling for download failure and a fix for publisher hierarchy navigation
[ckanext-ga-report.git] / ckanext / ga_report / ga_model.py
blob:a/ckanext/ga_report/ga_model.py -> blob:b/ckanext/ga_report/ga_model.py
--- a/ckanext/ga_report/ga_model.py
+++ b/ckanext/ga_report/ga_model.py
@@ -381,11 +381,8 @@
 def get_children(publisher):
-    '''Finds child publishers for the given publisher (object). (Not recursive)'''
-    from ckan.model.group import HIERARCHY_CTE
-    return model.Session.query(model.Group).\
-           from_statement(HIERARCHY_CTE).params(id=publisher.id, type='publisher').\
-           all()
+    '''Finds child publishers for the given publisher (object). (Not recursive i.e. returns one level)'''
+    return publisher.get_children_groups(type='organization')
 def go_down_tree(publisher):
     '''Provided with a publisher object, it walks down the hierarchy and yields each publisher,