Change the rules for top datasets
Change the rules for top datasets

--- a/ckanext/ga_report/
+++ b/ckanext/ga_report/
@@ -95,13 +95,12 @@
         # Work out which month to show, based on query params of the first item
         c.month = request.params.get('month', c.months[0][0] if c.months else '')
         c.month_desc = ''.join([m[1] for m in c.months if m[0]==c.month])
+#                and not url like '/publisher/%%'
         connection = model.Session.connection()
         q = """
             select department_id, sum(pageviews::int) views, sum(visitors::int) visits
             from ga_url
             where department_id <> ''
-                and not url like '/publisher/%%'
                 and period_name=%s
             group by department_id order by views desc limit 20;

--- a/ckanext/ga_report/templates/ga_report/publisher/index.html
+++ b/ckanext/ga_report/templates/ga_report/publisher/index.html
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
   <py:match path="primarysidebar">
     <li class="widget-container boxed widget_text">
+      <p>The table shows the top 20 publishers as recorded by page views of datasets owned by that publisher, and the number of visits to each publisher's home page.</p>