Just adding breadcrumbs
[ckanext-ga-report.git] / ckanext / ga_report / plugin.py
Tom Rees [423] Handle many more graphing edge-cases.
Ross Jones Adds the ability to fetch information on download…
David Read Show top datasets cross-publisher. Drop-down for …
Ross Jones New single entry random dataset helper
Ross Jones Added support for a popular datasets widget.
Ross Jones Changes to enable proper download
Ross Jones Changed to provide a lambda to check if the exten…
Ross Jones Added a helper for generating a list of all time …
Ross Jones Tidying up
Ross Jones Changing the download url for csv
Ross Jones reordering maps
Ross Jones Adding site analytics at /data/analytics
Ross Jones Provides a top-10 most viewed datasets.
Ross Jones Fixing up setup.py and making sure routes exist f…
David Read Initial iteration