Changed to pageviews instead of unique pageviews
[ckanext-ga-report.git] / ckanext / ga_report /
Ross Jones Changed to pageviews instead of unique pageviews
David Read Tidy logging.
Ross Jones Changes to tidy up the handling of all months;
Ross Jones Modified to collect visit instead of visitors.
David Read Show top datasets cross-publisher. Drop-down for …
Ross Jones Changes to support % of bounces from /
Ross Jones Adding new social network referral information
Ross Jones Fix to date fetching
Ross Jones Uncommenting needed code
Ross Jones Fixed the publishr information (to enable leaderb…
Ross Jones Implemented further analytics by fetching more sp…
Ross Jones Remove prettyprinting unless DEBUG is set in env …
Ross Jones Adds new columns to the table to store the releva…
Ross Jones Packages up the data from Analytics.
Ross Jones Implement oauth2 for accessing google analytics
David Read Initial iteration