Done integrating graphs onto site_usage/publishers and site_usage/datasets. Including some interesting queries.
[ckanext-ga-report.git] / ckanext / ga_report /
Tom Rees Done integrating graphs onto site_usage/publisher…
Tom Rees Refactor graph code. Querying to build a Top Pack…
Tom Rees Graphing dataset downloads.
Tom Rees Refactoring and tidying Rickshaw code. Placeholde…
Tom Rees Feature #162: Added Rickshaw graphs to most panes…
Tom Rees Feature #162: Added sparkline graphs to the overv…
Ross Jones Implements downloads counts (for dataset resource…
Ross Jones Only show the months for Downloads that we have
Ross Jones Minor tweaks
Ross Jones Make sure we total the vals for 'All' rather than…
Ross Jones Remove write to stdout
Ross Jones Adds the ability to fetch information on download…
Ross Jones Force len in avg calc to be a float too
Ross Jones Change the entry for the current month to include…
David Read Sort the dataset report by views, since we only d…
Ross Jones Changes to fix some issues around bounces and pre…
Ross Jones Changed to pageviews instead of unique pageviews
Ross Jones Handling duplicate urls in ga_url processing
Ross Jones Changes to tidy up the handling of all months;
David Read single_popular_dataset now returns a dataset dict…
Ross Jones Fixes to index for publishers
Ross Jones Modified to collect visit instead of visitors.
David Read Show top datasets cross-publisher. Drop-down for …
Ross Jones Changes to support % of bounces from /
Ross Jones Added support for a popular datasets widget.
Ross Jones Rename of all time to all months
Ross Jones Adding new social network referral information
Ross Jones Changes related to presentation, and new tabs.
Ross Jones Remove unnecessary footnote marker (*)
Ross Jones Made sure the csv is served as an attachment
Ross Jones Changes to enable proper download
Ross Jones Moved minor nav into util file and implemented
Ross Jones Fixes to show All Time data
Ross Jones Nicer 404 message
Ross Jones Make sure we 404 for non-existent groups
Ross Jones Human readable times
Ross Jones Trimming long float numbers
Ross Jones Change the rules for top datasets
Ross Jones Tidying up
Ross Jones Changing the content disposition, just in case
Ross Jones Changing the download url for csv
Ross Jones Removing cruft
Ross Jones Debugging
Ross Jones reordering maps
Ross Jones Fix to date fetching
Ross Jones Adding site analytics at /data/analytics
Ross Jones Remembered to actually limit to the top 10
Ross Jones Provides a top-10 most viewed datasets.
Ross Jones Fixing up and making sure routes exist f…
David Read Initial iteration