28355af Ross Jones Merge branch 'master' of github.com:datagovuk/cka…
4efdb3c Ross Jones Changes to tidy up the handling of all months;
91193c5 David Read single_popular_dataset now returns a dataset dict…
248a106 Ross Jones Fixes to index for publishers
5388d36 Ross Jones Modified to collect visit instead of visitors.
78c477f David Read merge
ecca7ac David Read Show top datasets cross-publisher. Drop-down for …
9511fbc Ross Jones Changes to support % of bounces from /
6ca9caa Ross Jones New single entry random dataset helper
ed19878 Ross Jones Added support for a popular datasets widget.
7eb5508 Ross Jones Removing unused file
ea0d616 Ross Jones Changed the icons in the minor nav to simpler ico…
64814c1 Ross Jones Adding back a link to the publisher
ab776ee Ross Jones Rename of all time to all months
4edba2a Ross Jones Adding new social network referral information
057d00a Ross Jones Changes related to presentation, and new tabs.
7e488c2 Ross Jones Remove unnecessary footnote marker (*)
6c3ecf0 Ross Jones Made sure the csv is served as an attachment
09d3130 Ross Jones Changes to enable proper download
d4ea622 Ross Jones Moved minor nav into util file and implemented
bc5b389 Ross Jones Fixes to show All Time data
867adcf Ross Jones Added a class for spacing to More link
39f59ee Ross Jones Added a link to the publisher statistics
3a6e269 Ross Jones Changed to provide a lambda to check if the exten…
9ce9f09 Ross Jones Added a helper for generating a list of all time …
884b8ef Ross Jones Nicer 404 message
95d2e64 Ross Jones Make sure we 404 for non-existent groups
882c082 Ross Jones Human readable times
e4af116 Ross Jones Trimming long float numbers
63e0fea Ross Jones Change the rules for top datasets
fb9969e Ross Jones Tidying up
ba29898 Ross Jones Changing the content disposition, just in case
6fa657b Ross Jones Changing the download url for csv
5f938f9 Ross Jones Minor change to sidebar
7102318 Ross Jones Removing cruft
a5080ca Ross Jones Debugging
f0556ff Ross Jones reordering maps
2cb9cc5 Ross Jones Fix to date fetching
76bec35 Ross Jones Uncommenting needed code
5384fbf Ross Jones Template fix
ae8ef25 Ross Jones Minor template tweaks
f4b3f36 Ross Jones Fixing setup
b5523bd Ross Jones Fixing a typo in the instructions
2e38547 Ross Jones Reinstating a sidebar with related info.
6d4975d Ross Jones Adding site analytics at /data/analytics
02143fc Ross Jones Remembered to actually limit to the top 10
6b9ca2b Ross Jones Provides a top-10 most viewed datasets.