2cb9cc5 Ross Jones Fix to date fetching
76bec35 Ross Jones Uncommenting needed code
5384fbf Ross Jones Template fix
ae8ef25 Ross Jones Minor template tweaks
f4b3f36 Ross Jones Fixing setup
b5523bd Ross Jones Fixing a typo in the instructions
2e38547 Ross Jones Reinstating a sidebar with related info.
6d4975d Ross Jones Adding site analytics at /data/analytics
02143fc Ross Jones Remembered to actually limit to the top 10
6b9ca2b Ross Jones Provides a top-10 most viewed datasets.
70d647d Ross Jones Fixing up setup.py and making sure routes exist f…
7dad032 Ross Jones Fixed the publishr information (to enable leaderb…
ce75e50 Ross Jones Implemented further analytics by fetching more sp…
b6aa7a8 Ross Jones Removed some unused commented out code
da94cef Ross Jones Remove prettyprinting unless DEBUG is set in env …
0373643 Ross Jones Adds new columns to the table to store the releva…
f3afebc Ross Jones Packages up the data from Analytics.
8f3c8b5 Ross Jones flake8
1028133 Ross Jones Commented the code in ga_auth
46f7b10 Ross Jones Minor documentation update
b4a5265 Ross Jones Minor RST error
1682c0e Ross Jones Implement oauth2 for accessing google analytics
29a4a6f David Read Initial iteration
aabb73b David Read Initial commit