update UNSPSC source, fix data import errors
update UNSPSC source, fix data import errors

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+++ b/admin/AusTenderCustomisedUNSPSCCodeSet-August2012.csv
@@ -1,1 +1,580 @@
+10100000,Live animals 
+10110000,Domestic pet products 
+10120000,Animal feed 
+10130000,Animal containment and habitats 
+10140000,Saddlery and harness goods 
+10150000,Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttings 
+10160000,Floriculture and silviculture products 
+10170000,Fertilizers and plant nutrients and herbicides 
+10190000,Pest control products 
+11100000,Minerals and ores and metals 
+11110000,Earth and stone 
+11120000,Non edible plant and forestry products 
+11130000,Non edible animal products 
+11140000,Scrap and waste materials 
+11150000,Fibres and threads and yarns 
+11160000,Fabrics and leather materials 
+11180000,Metal oxide 
+11190000,Metal waste and scrap 
+12130000,Explosive materials 
+12140000,Elements and gases 
+12180000,Waxes and oils 
+12350000,Compounds and mixtures 
+13100000,Rubber and elastomers 
+13110000,Resins and rosins and other resin derived materials 
+14100000,Paper materials 
+14110000,Paper products 
+14111500,Printing and writing paper 
+14120000,Industrial use papers 
+14121500,Paperboard and packaging papers 
+15110000,Gaseous fuels and additives 
+15120000,Lubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives 
+15130000,Fuel for nuclear reactors 
+20100000,Mining and quarrying machinery and equipment 
+20110000,Well drilling and operation equipment 
+20120000,Oil and gas drilling and exploration equipment 
+20130000,Oil and gas drilling and operation materials 
+20140000,Oil and gas operating and production equipment 
+21100000,Agricultural and forestry and landscape machinery and equipment 
+21110000,Fishing and aquaculture equipment
+22100000,Heavy construction machinery and equipment 
+23100000,Raw materials processing machinery 
+23110000,Petroleum processing machinery 
+23120000,Textile and fabric machinery and accessories 
+23130000,Lapidary machinery and equipment 
+23140000,Leatherworking repairing machinery and equipment 
+23150000,Industrial process machinery and equipment and supplies 
+23160000,Foundry machines and equipment and supplies 
+23180000,Industrial food and beverage equipment 
+23190000,Mixers and their parts and accessories 
+23200000,Mass transfer equipment 
+23210000,Electronic manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories 
+23220000,Chicken processing machinery and equipment 
+23230000,Sawmilling and lumber processing machinery and equipment 
+24100000,Material handling machinery and equipment 
+24102000,Shelving and storage 
+24110000,Containers and storage 
+24120000,Packaging materials 
+24130000,Industrial refrigeration 
+24140000,Packing supplies 
+25100000,Motor vehicles 
+25101500,Passenger motor vehicles 
+25101600,Product and material transport vehicles 
+25101700,Safety and rescue vehicles 
+25101900,Specialised and recreational vehicles 
+25102000,War vehicles 
+25102100,Truck tractors 
+25110000,Marine transport 
+25111500,Commercial marine craft 
+25111700,Military watercraft 
+25111900,Marine craft systems and subassemblies 
+25120000,Railway and tramway machinery and equipment 
+25131500,Powered fixed wing aircraft 
+25131600,Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft 
+25131700,Military fixed wing aircraft 
+25131707,Reconnaissance or surveillance aircraft 
+25131800,Specialty aircraft 
+25131900,Military rotary wing aircraft 
+25132000,Recreational aircraft 
+25160000,Non motorized cycles 
+25170000,Transportation components and systems 
+25180000,Vehicle bodies and trailers 
+25190000,Transportation services equipment 
+25191500,Air transportation support systems and equipment 
+25191700,Vehicle servicing equipment 
+25200000,Aerospace systems and components and equipment 
+25202500,Aircraft equipment
+26100000,Power sources
+26110000,Batteries and generators and kinetic power transmission 
+26120000,Electrical wire and cable and harness 
+26130000,Power generation 
+26140000,Atomic and nuclear energy machinery and equipment 
+27000000,Tools and General Machinery 
+30100000,Structural materials and basic shapes 
+30110000,Concrete and cement and plaster 
+30120000,Roads and landscape 
+30130000,Structural building products 
+30150000,Exterior finishing materials 
+30160000,Interior finishing materials 
+30170000,Doors and windows and glass 
+30180000,Plumbing fixtures 
+30190000,Construction and maintenance support equipment 
+30200000,Prefabricated structures 
+30220000,Permanent structures 
+30222012,Airport buildings 
+30222013,Airport control tower 
+30222500,Accommodation structures 
+30222703,Warehouse stores 
+31120000,Machined castings 
+31150000,Rope and chain and cable and wire and strap 
+31170000,Bearings and bushings and wheels and gears 
+31180000,Gaskets and seals 
+31190000,Grinding and polishing and smoothing materials 
+31200000,Adhesives and sealants 
+31210000,Paints and primers and finishes 
+31220000,Dyeing and tanning extracts 
+31230000,Machined raw stock 
+31240000,Industrial optics 
+31250000,Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systems 
+31260000,Housings and cabinets and casings 
+31270000,Machine made parts 
+31280000,Stampings and sheet components 
+31290000,Machined extrusions 
+31300000,Machined forgings 
+31310000,Fabricated pipe assemblies 
+31320000,Fabricated bar stock assemblies 
+31330000,Fabricated structural assemblies 
+31340000,Fabricated sheet assemblies 
+31350000,Fabricated tube assemblies 
+31360000,Fabricated plate assemblies 
+31380000,Magnets and magnetic materials 
+32100000,Printed circuits and integrated circuits and micro assemblies
+32110000,Discrete semiconductor devices
+32120000,Passive discrete components 
+32130000,Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 
+32140000,Electron tube devices and accessories 
+39100000,Lamps and light bulbs and lamp components 
+39110000,Lighting and Fixtures and Accessories 
+39120000,Electrical equipment and components and supplies 
+40100000,Heating and ventilation and air circulation 
+40101701,Air conditioners 
+40140000,Fluid and gas distribution 
+40150000,Industrial pumps and compressors 
+40160000,Industrial filtering and purification 
+41100000,Laboratory and scientific equipment 
+41110000,Measuring and observing and testing instruments 
+41120000,Laboratory supplies and fixtures 
+42000000,Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies 
+42120000,Veterinary equipment and supplies 
+42140000,Patient care and treatment products and supplies 
+42150000,Dental equipment and supplies 
+42170000,Emergency and field medical services products 
+42210000,Independent living aids for the physically challenged 
+42240000,Orthopaedic and prosthetic and sports medicine products 
+42250000,Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation products 
+42260000,Postmortem and mortuary equipment and supplies 
+42270000,Respiratory and anaesthesia and resuscitation products 
+42300000,Medical training and education supplies 
+43190000,Communications Devices and Accessories 
+43191501,Mobile phones 
+43191510,Two way radios 
+43200000,Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 
+43210000,Computer Equipment and Accessories 
+43211501,Computer servers 
+43211503,Notebook computers 
+43211507,Desktop computers 
+43211512,Mainframe computers 
+43211600,Computer accessories 
+43212100,Computer printers 
+43220000,Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 
+43221500,Call management systems or accessories 
+43222500,Network security equipment 
+43222800,Telephony equipment 
+43223000,Teletype equipment 
+44100000,Office machines and their supplies and accessories 
+44101700,Printer and photocopier and facsimile accessories 
+44102200,Scanner accessories 
+44103100,Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies 
+44110000,Office and desk accessories 
+44111515,File storage boxes or containers 
+44120000,Office supplies
+45100000,Printing and publishing equipment 
+45101700,Printing accessories 
+45110000,Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment 
+45111900,Phone and video conference equipment and hardware and controllers 
+45120000,Photographic or filming or video equipment 
+45121600,Camera accessories 
+45130000,Photographic and recording media 
+45131700,Media storage 
+45140000,Photographic filmmaking supplies 
+46100000,Light weapons and ammunition 
+46101800,Arms and ammunition accessories 
+46110000,Conventional war weapons 
+46130000,Rockets and subsystems 
+46150000,Law enforcement 
+46151600,Security and control equipment 
+46160000,Public safety and control 
+46161600,Water safety 
+46170000,Security surveillance and detection 
+46171500,Locks and security hardware and accessories 
+46171600,Surveillance and detection equipment 
+46171604,Alarm systems 
+46171610,Security cameras 
+46171619,Security or access control systems 
+46180000,Personal safety and protection 
+46181500,Safety apparel 
+46181700,Face and head protection 
+46182300,Fall protection and rescue equipment 
+46190000,Fire protection 
+46191500,Fire prevention 
+46191600,Fire fighting equipment 
+47100000,Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal 
+47110000,Industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment 
+47120000,Janitorial equipment 
+47121800,Cleaning equipment 
+47130000,Cleaning and janitorial supplies 
+47131703,Sanitary waste receptacles 
+48000000,Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies 
+48100000,Institutional food services equipment 
+48110000,Vending machines 
+49100000,Collectibles and awards 
+49120000,Camping and outdoor equipment and accessories 
+49130000,Fishing and hunting equipment 
+49140000,Watersports equipment 
+49150000,Winter sports equipment 
+49160000,Field and court sports equipment 
+49170000,Gymnastics and boxing equipment 
+49180000,Target and table games and equipment 
+49200000,Fitness equipment 49220000,Sports equipment and accessories
+49240000,Recreation and playground and swimming and spa equipment and supplies
+50000000,Food and Beverage Products 
+50100000,Nuts and seeds 
+50110000,Meat and poultry products 
+50130000,Dairy products and eggs 
+50150000,Edible oils and fats 
+50160000,Chocolate and sugars and sweeteners and confectionary products 
+50170000,Seasonings and preservatives 
+50180000,Bread and bakery products 
+50190000,Prepared and preserved foods 
+50192700,Packaged combination meals 
+50220000,Cereal and pulse products 
+51000000,Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products 
+52100000,Floor coverings 
+52120000,Bedclothes and table and kitchen linen and towels 
+52130000,Window treatments 
+52140000,Domestic appliances 
+52150000,Domestic kitchenware and kitchen supplies 
+52160000,Consumer electronics 
+52161500,Audio and visual equipment 
+52170000,Domestic wall treatments 
+53120000,Luggage and handbags and packs and cases 
+53130000,Personal care products 
+53140000,Sewing supplies and accessories 
+55100000,Printed media 
+55101500,Printed publications 
+55110000,Electronic reference material 
+55120000,Signage and accessories 
+56101700,Office furniture 
+56110000,Commercial and industrial furniture 
+56111500,Workstations and office packages 
+56112005,Computer support parts or accessories 
+56120000,Classroom and instructional and institutional furniture and fixtures 
+56130000,Merchandising furniture and accessories 
+60100000,Developmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies 
+60110000,Classroom decoratives and supplies 
+60120000,Arts and crafts equipment and accessories and supplies 
+60130000,Musical Instruments and parts and accessories 
+60140000,Toys and games
+70100000,Fisheries and aquaculture 
+70111705,Cemetery upkeep services 
+70120000,Livestock services 
+70130000,Land and soil preparation and management and protection 
+70131701,Land use planning 
+70140000,Crop production and management and protection 
+70160000,Wildlife and flora 
+70170000,Water resources development and oversight 
+71110000,Oil and gas exploration services 
+71120000,Well drilling and construction services 
+71123000,Mining and oil and gas integrated services 
+71123001,Management and provision of all facilities engineering modification and maintenance services for a site or platform 
+71130000,Oil and gas extraction and production enhancement services 
+71140000,Oil and gas restoration and reclamation services 
+71150000,Oil and gas data management and processing services 
+71160000,Oil and gas well project management services 
+72100000,Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 
+72101500,Building support services 
+72101700,Concrete work 
+72101900,Interior finishing 
+72102100,Pest control 
+72101903,Finish carpentry or cabinetry 
+72102200,Electrical services 
+72102300,Plumbing and heating and air conditioning 
+72102400,Painting and paper hanging 
+72102500,Masonry and stonework and tile setting 
+72102700,Flooring service 
+72102800,Refurbishing services 
+72102900,Grounds maintenance services 
+72103000,Site preparation services 
+72130000,General building construction 
+72131600,Commercial or industrial construction 
+73100000,Plastic and chemical industries 
+73110000,Wood and paper industries 
+73120000,Metal and mineral industries 
+73130000,Food and beverage industries 
+73140000,Fibres and textiles and fabric industries 
+73150000,Manufacturing support services 
+73160000,Machinery and transport equipment manufacture 
+73170000,Manufacture of electrical goods and precision instruments 
+73180000,Machining and processing services 
+76100000,Decontamination services 
+76101602,Asbestos decontamination or removal 
+76110000,Cleaning and janitorial services 
+76111500,General building and office cleaning and maintenance services 
+76111506,Interior plant landscaping services 
+76120000,Refuse disposal and treatment 
+76121500,Refuse collection and disposal
+76121900,Hazardous waste disposal
+76130000,Toxic and hazardous waste cleanup 
+77100000,Environmental management 
+77101600,Environment planning 
+77101800,Environmental auditing 
+77101707,Ecological advisory services 
+77110000,Environmental protection 
+77111500,Environmental safety services 
+77120000,Pollution tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation 
+77130000,Pollutants tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation services 
+78100000,Mail and cargo transport 
+78101604,Vehicle transport services 
+78101804,Relocation services 
+78102200,Postal and small parcel and courier services 
+78102201,National postal delivery services 
+78102202,Post office box services 
+78102203,Mailing or mail pick up or delivery services 
+78110000,Passenger transport 
+78111500,Passenger air transportation 
+78111600,Passenger railway transportation 
+78111700,Passenger marine transportation 
+78111800,Passenger road transportation 
+78111804,Taxicab services 
+78111807,Parking fees 
+78111808,Vehicle rental 
+78111809,Vehicle leasing 
+78120000,Material packing and handling 
+78121600,Material handling services 
+78131602,File archive storage 
+78131800,Specialized warehousing and storage 
+78131804,Document storage services 
+78140000,Transport operations 
+78141501,Freight forwarders services 
+78181505,Vehicle inspection Services 
+78180000,Transportation repair or maintenance services 
+78181500,Vehicle maintenance and repair services 
+80100000,Management advisory services 
+80101504,Strategic planning consultation services 
+80101505,Corporate objectives or policy development 
+80101506,Organisational structure consultation 
+80101507,Information technology consultation services 
+80101508,Business intelligence consulting services 
+80101510,Risk management consultation services 
+80101600,Project management 
+80101601,Feasibility studies or screening of project ideas 
+80101603,Economic or financial evaluation of projects 
+80101604,Project administration or planning 
+80161508,Document Destruction Services 
+80101706,Professional procurement services 
+80101707,Lobbying services 
+80110000,Human resources services 
+80111506,Personnel relocation 
+80111509,Job Evaluation Services
+80111600,Temporary personnel services
+80111617,Architectural services
+80111700,Personnel recruitment 
+80120000,Legal services 
+80121600,Business law services 
+80121800,Family law services 
+80130000,Real estate services 
+80131500,Lease and rental of property or building 
+80131501,Residential rental 
+80131503,Land Leases 
+80131600,Sale of property and building 
+80131800,Real estate management services 
+80140000,Marketing and distribution 
+80141500,Market research 
+80141600,Sales and business promotion activities 
+80141602,Public relation services 
+80141604,Branding of product naming services 
+80141605,Promotional merchandise 
+80141607,Events management 
+80141609,Sponsorship of event or celebrity 
+80141611,Official Gift Services 
+80141800,Mailing services 
+80141900,Trade shows and exhibits 
+80150000,Trade policy and services 
+80160000,Business administration services 
+80161500,Management support services 
+80161505,Fleet management services 
+80161507,Audio visual services 
+80161601,Property management services 
+80161800,Office Equipment rental or leasing services 
+81100000,Professional engineering services 
+81101500,Civil engineering 
+81101508,Architectural engineering 
+81110000,Computer services 
+81111000,Forensic IT Services 
+81111500,Software or hardware engineering 
+81111508,Application implementation services 
+81111600,Computer programmers 
+81111700,Management information systems MIS 
+81111800,System administrators 
+81111900,Information retrieval systems 
+81111812,Computer hardware maintenance or support 
+81112000,Data services 
+81112002,Data processing or preparation services 
+81112100,Internet services 
+81112200,Software maintenance and support 
+81112201,Maintenance or support fees 
+81121500,Economic analysis 
+81121600,Monetary systems and issues 
+81140000,Manufacturing technologies 
+81141801,Safety or risk analysis 
+81150000,Earth science services 
+81151601,Mapping  Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services
+82101504,Newspaper advertising 
+82101600,Broadcast advertising 
+82101601,Radio advertising 
+82101602,Television advertising 
+82111500,Technical writing 
+82111603,Court reporting services 
+82111604,Transcribing services 
+82111800,Editorial and Support Services 
+82111804,Written translation services 
+82111900,News and publicity services 
+82120000,Reproduction services 
+82121505,Promotional or advertising printing 
+82121506,Publication printing 
+82130000,Photographic services 
+82140000,Graphic design 
+82141501,Layout or graphics editing services 
+82150000,Professional artists and performers 
+82151500,Visual art services 
+83101500,Water and sewer utilities 
+83101506,Water treatment services 
+83101600,Oil and gas utilities 
+83101800,Electric utilities 
+83101900,Energy conservation 
+83102000,Funeral services 
+83110000,Telecommunications media services 
+83111500,Local and long distance telephone communications 
+83111600,Mobile communications services 
+83112200,Enhanced telecommunications services 
+83120000,Information services 
+83121604,Online database information retrieval systems 
+84100000,Development finance 
+84101600,Aid financing 
+84101700,Debt management 
+84111500,Accounting services 
+84111600,Audit services 
+84111603,Internal audits 
+84120000,Banking and investment 
+84130000,Insurance and retirement services 
+84131500,Insurance services for structures and property and possessions 
+84131800,Retirement Funds 
+84140000,Credit agencies 
+84141602,Credit Card Service Providers 
+85100000,Comprehensive health services 
+85101600,Healthcare provider support persons 
+85101700,Health administration services 
+85110000,Disease prevention and control 
+85120000,Medical practice
+85121608,Psychologists services
+85122100,Rehabilitation services 
+85122200,Individual health screening & assessment services 
+85130000,Medical science research and experimentation 
+85140000,Alternative and holistic medicine 
+85150000,Food and nutrition services 
+86000000,Education and Training Services 
+86141704,Library or documentation services 
+90100000,Restaurants and catering 
+90101600,Banquet and catering services 
+90101700,Cafeteria services 
+90110000,Hotels and lodging and meeting facilities 
+90111500,Hotels and motels and inns 
+90111600,Meeting facilities 
+90111601,Conference centres 
+90111603,Meeting or banquet rooms 
+90111800,Hotel rooms 
+90120000,Travel facilitation 
+90121500,Travel agents 
+90130000,Performing arts 
+90140000,Commercial sports 
+90150000,Entertainment services 
+91100000,Personal appearance 
+91110000,Domestic and personal assistance 
+91111500,Laundering services 
+92100000,Public order and safety 
+92101500,Police services 
+92110000,Military services and national defence 
+92111700,Military science and research 
+92120000,Security and personal safety 
+92121504,Security guard services 
+93100000,Political systems and institutions 
+93110000,Socio political conditions 
+93120000,International relations 
+93121502,Consular services 
+93130000,Humanitarian aid and relief 
+93131500,Refugee programs 
+93131700,Health Programs 
+93131701,Anti tobacco campaigns 
+93131703,Research programs 
+93131705,Drug abuse prevention or control programs 
+93131800,Disaster preparedness and relief 
+93140000,Community and social services 
+93141707,Cultural heritage preservation or promotion services 
+93141805,Employment services 
+93141808,Occupational health or safety services 
+93150000,Public administration and finance services 
+93151501,Public enterprises management or financial services 
+93151505,Administrative agencies services 
+93151510,Administrative fees or tax collection services 
+93151515,National planning services
+93161602,Land tax 
+93170000,Trade policy and regulation 
+94100000,Work related organisations 
+94101600,Professional associations 
+94110000,Religious organisations 
+94130000,Civic organisations and associations and movements

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+++ b/admin/data/CN1227422.048e57c6cbb8b171173475e6cefce302.xls
@@ -1,1 +1,1381 @@
+Contract Notice Export


+Agency	Parent CN ID	CN ID	Publish Date	Amendment Date	Status	StartDate	EndDate	Value	Description	Agency Ref. ID	Category	Procurement Method	ATM ID	SON ID	Confidentiality - Contract	Confidentiality - Contract Reason(s)	Confidentiality - Outputs	Confidentiality - Outputs Reason(s)	Consultancy	Consultancy Reason(s)	Amendment Reason	Supplier Name	Supplier Address	Supplier City	Supplier Postcode	Supplier Country	Supplier ABNExempt	Supplier ABN	Agency Branch	Agency Divison	Agency Postcode	

+="Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry"	=""	="CN1227422"	22-Mar-13 10:20 AM	 	="published"	01-Jan-13	31-Dec-15	356398.07	" Provision of Software support and maintenance services - E5 "	="20880"	="Software maintenance and support"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="UXC Eclipse Pty Ltd"	=""	="Sydney"	="2000"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="40051758199"	=""	=""	="2601"	

+="Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs"	=""	="CN1241432"	21-Mar-13 09:36 AM	 	="published"	18-Mar-13	28-Jun-13	67760.00	" ICT contractors "	="90001542"	="Management information systems MIS"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Miller & Ritchie Pty Ltd"	=""	="Chapman"	="2611"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="90062253945"	="Problem Gambling"	="FaHCSIA"	="2900"	

+="Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs"	=""	="CN1243881"	21-Mar-13 04:01 PM	 	="published"	18-Mar-13	30-Jun-13	62700.00	" Contractors "	="90001549"	="Application implementation services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="RPM Solutions Pty Ltd"	=""	="Melbourne"	="3000"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="64007217941"	="IMT Group Executive"	="FaHCSIA"	="2900"	

+="Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs"	="CN1065341"	="CN1065341-A2"	12-Dec-12 10:45 AM	19-Mar-13 10:46 AM	="published"	07-Dec-12	31-May-13	40579.00	" Training Delivery & Development "	="90001048"	="Education and Training Services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="Yes"	="Need for specialised or professional skills"	"Variation no 2"	="ETM Perspective Pty Ltd"	=""	="Kettering"	="7155"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="37112806121"	="Queensland State Office"	="FaHCSIA"	="4870"	

+="Office of National Assessments"	=""	="CN1256081"	20-Mar-13 04:48 PM	 	="published"	01-Mar-13	28-Feb-14	14000.00	" APS Census 2013 services "	="PF 12/147  PO PZ000224"	="Electronic reference material"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Australian Public Service Commission"	=""	="Phillip"	="2606"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="99470863260"	=""	=""	="2600"	

+="Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs"	="CN962181"	="CN962181-A1"	25-Oct-12 01:05 PM	22-Mar-13 01:38 PM	="published"	12-Oct-12	31-Aug-13	73480.00	" ICT Contractors "	="90000775"	="Professional procurement services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	"Variation No 1"	="ARTD Pty Ltd"	=""	="Sydney"	="2001"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="75003701764"	="Mental Health"	="FaHCSIA"	="2900"	

+="Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry"	=""	="CN1256801"	18-Mar-13 07:56 AM	 	="published"	14-Mar-13	31-Jul-14	41520.00	" Provision of training services "	="20900"	="Education and Training Services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Murdoch University"	=""	="Perth"	="6150"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="61616369313"	=""	=""	="2601"	

+="Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry"	=""	="CN1256821"	18-Mar-13 08:10 AM	 	="published"	03-Sep-12	18-Jan-13	19657.63	" Provision of independent selection advisory committee "	="20878"	="Education and Training Services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)"	=""	="Chifley"	="2606"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="99470863260"	=""	=""	="2601"	

+="Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry"	=""	="CN1256831"	18-Mar-13 08:21 AM	 	="published"	16-Jan-13	30-Apr-13	29062.00	"  Legal Forest Products Assurance: Supplementary report on selected timber legality frameworks  "	="20859"	="Management advisory services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="Yes"	="Need for specialised or professional skills"	""	="URS Australia Pty Ltd"	=""	="Southbank"	="3006"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="46000691690"	=""	=""	="2601"	

+="Defence Materiel Organisation"	=""	="CN1256851"	18-Mar-13 08:34 AM	 	="published"	15-Mar-13	29-Apr-13	17270.00	" Brake Shoes, C/W Asbestos Free FF Rated Linings "	="PAUQ-0107/2013"	="Heavy construction machinery and equipment"	="Limited tender"	="B5963"		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Haulmark Trailers Australia"	="1848 Ipswich Rd."	="Rocklea"	="4106"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="85010131567"	="Land Vehicles System Branch"	="Land System Division"	="3000"	

+="Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry"	=""	="CN1256861"	18-Mar-13 08:33 AM	 	="published"	18-Feb-13	21-Feb-13	16456.00	" Provision of Training Services "	="20689"	="Education and Training Services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Shepherd & Shepherd Pty Ltd"	=""	="Sutherland"	="1499"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="45052367709"	=""	=""	="2601"	

+="Department of Parliamentary Services"	=""	="CN1256881"	18-Mar-13 08:34 AM	 	="published"	04-Mar-13	08-Mar-13	11000.00	"Provision of Performance Framework Workshop"	="0045026229"	="Education and Training Services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="ARTD Pty Ltd"	="4/352 Kent Street"	="SYDNEY"	="2000"	="Australia"	="No"	="75003701764"	="FINANCE"	=""	="2600"	

+="Department of Parliamentary Services"	=""	="CN1256921"	18-Mar-13 08:35 AM	 	="published"	28-Feb-13	30-Jun-13	67416.80	"Provision of construction related to the building management system"	="0045026204"	="Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services"	="Limited tender"	="DPS11059"	="SON451373"	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Honeywell Limited"	="PO Box 700"	="NORTH RYDE"	="2113"	="Australia"	="No"	="74000646882"	="FINANCE"	=""	="2600"	

+="Department of Parliamentary Services"	=""	="CN1256951"	18-Mar-13 08:35 AM	 	="published"	01-Mar-13	28-Mar-13	10560.00	"Project Management Services"	="0000050670"	="Project management"	="Limited tender"	="DPS13021"		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Hornet Infograph Pty Ltd"	="98 Eileene Good Street"	="GREENWAY"	="2900"	="Australia"	="No"	="40104230211"	="FINANCE"	=""	="2600"	

+="Department of Veterans' Affairs"	=""	="CN1256971"	18-Mar-13 08:37 AM	 	="published"	12-Mar-13	31-May-13	44440.00	"Carry out repairs to stormwater, kerb and roadway within the South Australia Garden Of Remembrance as per Civil layouts plans and details S02243-C001-A1"	="CNA000971/0"	="Cemetery upkeep services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="DOWNES ENTERPRISES (SA) PTY LTD"	="PO BOX 61"	="KENSINGTON PARK"	="5068"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="73155558606"	="War Graves ACT"	="Client and Commemorations"	="2606"	

+="Department of Veterans' Affairs"	=""	="CN1256991"	18-Mar-13 08:37 AM	 	="published"	25-Jan-13	27-Feb-13	15000.00	"To assist with the development of a new remuneration model for Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme (DHOAS) administration arrangements."	="CND001595/0"	="Public administration and finance services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="SYNERGY GROUP AUSTRALIA LIMITED"	="PO BOX 5085"	="BRADDON"	="2612"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="84352574432"	="Hospitals and Defence Home Services"	="Health and Community Services"	="2606"	

+="Department of Veterans' Affairs"	=""	="CN1257011"	18-Mar-13 08:37 AM	 	="published"	21-Dec-12	20-Dec-13	1210000.00	"Extension to Contract with Macquarie for the provision of fixed line services"	="CND001598/0"	="Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="MACQUARIE TELECOM"	="LEVEL 20, 2 MARKET ST"	="SYDNEY"	="2000"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="21082930916"	="ICT Solutions"	="Corporate"	="2606"	

+="Department of Veterans' Affairs"	=""	="CN1257021"	18-Mar-13 08:37 AM	 	="published"	01-Mar-13	28-Feb-15	382873.34	"Provision of ICT Research and Advisory Services"	="CND001597/0"	="Market research"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="GARTNER AUSTRALASIA P/L"	="LEVEL 9, 530 Collins St"	="MELBOURNE"	="3000"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="69003708601"	="ICT Solutions"	="Corporate"	="2606"	

+="Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry"	=""	="CN1257061"	18-Mar-13 08:49 AM	 	="published"	28-Nov-12	28-Jan-13	11935.00	" Provision of services for the supply and installation of Inspection Benches at Melbourne Gateway Facility  "	="20651"	="Construction and maintenance support equipment"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="South Conan Investment Trust (trading as Ballarat Industrial Supplies)"	=""	="Ballarat"	="3353"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="61828126010"	=""	=""	="2601"	

+="Australian Federal Police"	=""	="CN1257071"	18-Mar-13 09:00 AM	 	="published"	01-Mar-13	01-Mar-14	20480.00	" Provision of Cert IV in Government Injury Rehabilitation Management "	="5700001895"	="Education and Training Services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="Australian College Of Management"	=""	="Dickson"	="2602"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="29128934092"	="National Procurement & Contracts"	=""	="2600"	

+="Defence Materiel Organisation"	=""	="CN1257081"	18-Mar-13 09:13 AM	 	="published"	15-Mar-13	14-Apr-13	10788.96	" Supply of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Spares "	="DNLPOY"	="Marine craft systems and subassemblies"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="RFD Australia"	="36 Rous Head Road"	="North Fremantle"	="6159"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="55050242601"	=""	=""	="4870"	

+="Defence Materiel Organisation"	=""	="CN1257091"	18-Mar-13 09:14 AM	 	="published"	06-Feb-13	08-Mar-13	11563.20	" REMOVER, PAINT NSN 8010-66-034-0522 "	="DNLOF5"	="Adhesives and sealants"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	""	="HENKEL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD"	="135-141 CANTERBURY RD"	="KILSYTH"	="3047"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="82001302996"	="DMO-AMM"	="AMSPO"	="3027"	

+="Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs"	=""	="CN1257101"	21-Mar-13 09:59 AM	 	="published"	18-Mar-13	28-Jun-13	79200.00	" Human Resource Services "	="90001561"	="Human resources services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="Yes"	="Need for specialised or professional skills"	""	="TMS Consulting Pty Ltd"	=""	="Brisbane"	="4000"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="94730114807"	="Queensland State Office"	="FaHCSIA"	="4000"	

+="Department of Human Services"	="CN284988"	="CN284988-A1"	07-May-10 05:17 PM	18-Mar-13 09:30 AM	="published"	23-Apr-10	22-Apr-14	31785.60	" Office cleaning services for Tamworth, NSW "	="1781"	="Cleaning and janitorial services"	="Limited tender"	=""		="No"	=""	="No"	=""	="No"	=""	"Contract Amendment"	="Marilyn Brooks t/a Wizard Cleaning"	=""	="Tamworth"	="2340"	="AUSTRALIA"	="No"	="45794074402"	="Department of Human Services"	="Procurement & Contract Management"	="3000"	

+="Defence Materiel Organisation"	=""	="CN1257131"	18-Mar-13 09:32 AM	 	="