a908e71 maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacomple…
2b3e687 maxious Export for OpenSpending
0faa2cf Maxious Amendment partial record importer
0bdd84d maxious Port data exporter to postgres
354199c Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacomple…
cda512f Maxious neo4jimporter
df60779 Maxious Begin sql insert of partial data amendment single …
171e3dd Maxious single record scraper
9a57416 maxious Mor Partial data
3a2fa5e Maxious Link amendments made in new numbering scheme
26492a4 maxious Much more optimized bubble tree
4a31812 maxious Better importing CN error display
1908c83 maxious remove datatable unit tests
f108456 maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacomple…
1df4932 maxious Integrate supplier piechart
76701e7 maxious Start graph and import refactoring
e92e8b2 maxious Depreciate MySQL and GD image graphs
44a32a7 Maxious Improve BubbleTree colors
a3e39ec maxious Add bubbletree
0f553d1 maxious More value heuristics
6c5c824 maxious Heuristic ranking analysis
b1850c8 maxious Add initial date based heuristics
16a3a9a maxious Change date format for published date to YYYY-MM-D…
18cad45 maxious Tidy up imports
d52d765 maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacomple…
1506b05 Maxious Add CSV data export
cc40e69 maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacomple…
3622804 Maxious Reformatted contract view page
10ba408 maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacomple…
80d2b71 Maxious Add currency sorting
2fd9f1c maxious Beginnings of Heuristics work
aaba32a Maxious 2011 AT2.1 update
2168524 maxious Prettier JQuery tables
234da10 root fix value/sum
0cc3219 root tweak year/agency modifer for queries
035974c root add amendments metric
faeaf35 maxious Fix autosuggest
6b88f77 maxious Autosuggest search
a27dce4 maxious updated update script and merged lobbylens admin s…
b09e247 maxious Initial Commit