4f19174 maxious Add geopo to timing points master
d588956 maxious Add suburb geocode to timingpoints tables too
bfaff53 maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
70267fb maxious Move busui to seperate repository
a46f923 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
045039a Maxious Tidy up unused source
f14b32c maxious Add analytics
65ba902 maxious Ensure title changes between pages for bookmarkin…
dc7a9ec maxious Pagination for layar api
43afcf4 maxious Add feeback form/layar API
451eb78 maxious Fix css issues
f5f540c maxious Wrap time/place and map in collapsing regions
2fe5c80 root Avoid duped datepicker
60867dd maxious Via points and Stops by Suburb added
7f372a9 maxious Interpolate stop times for non timing point stops
6d5ae73 root Date picker and bylines for platforms`
e031a5d root Add html/pdf inconsistency fixes
0e50a8d root Use local green pin and upgrade jquery mobile to …
3fb7e38 maxious Display which routes are modified when a stop is …
82961fe maxious Add and Remove operations for between stops
26816d0 maxious Minor bus stop moving UI
87a9fa3 maxious Suburb geocoder for stop locations
ba1e463 maxious Fix character escaping
03e8775 maxious Local debugging switches
cf6adb3 maxious Fix typos in headboards/destination names
cf533fc maxious Javascript-less navigation using anchor tags on l…
a21570e maxious Added service periods to route names
3725256 maxious Upgrade origin-src to google transit feed 1.2.6
829a9a5 maxious Better trip planning form, autozooming for static…
739c46f maxious Add trip planner, fix weekend routes appearing on…
c1cb228 maxious More work on mobile UI, changed to network 10 sta…
9d20f42 maxious Add weekend Network 10
cbd4cfb maxious More network 10 updates
75a65c8 maxious Input and output data from Network 10
e16babb maxious Tidy Network 09 output away
ef10647 maxious Network 10 changes
24698a1 maxious Reverse geocoding of minor stops to street names
b3497c9 maxious Between points integrated and estimated times
cc68a6b maxious Add between stops to feed YAML
2c3cd9d root More between points work + mobile UI work:
ae8e821 maxious Add initial between point adding prototype
8cbdb79 root Fix up time display format
246ba19 maxious rectify inline yaml sequence format
b5faea5 maxious Super street corner locator!
9fc2129 root Convert to GeoRSS for nice popups
f0151a9 maxious Add geocoder for guessing
ba50a75 maxious Add nearmap overlay
214e0a0 maxious Suggest timepoints using OSM database of POIs
bea01b8 root Begin to locate time points
ffcb82c maxious Add some friendly name/duplicate subsitution rules
10df80f maxious Initial Commit