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Alex Sadleir 1 This CKAN Extension customises a CKAN instance for the hosting of
3 It comprises:
Alex Sadleir 5 * A custom Package edit form that defaults to cc-by licence
6 * Replaces links with http/https protocol independent versions
7 * Provides HTML to users to embed data previews on their own website
Alex Sadleir 8 * A cut down licenses.json file
Alex Sadleir 10 This extension is complemented by ckanext-agls for AGLS metadata, ckanext-googleanalytics for Google Analytics tracking of API usage and ckanext-dga-stats for the customised site statistics page.
Alex Sadleir 11
Seb Bacon 12 Installation
13 ============
15 To install this package, from your CKAN virtualenv, run the following from your CKAN base folder (e.g. ``pyenv/``)::
Alex Sadleir 17 pip install -e git+
John Glover 18
Alex Sadleir 19 Then activate it by setting ``ckan.plugins = datagovau`` in your main ``ini``-file.
John Glover 20
Alex Sadleir 21 To add the cut down licenses.json set ``licenses_group_url = http://%(ckan.site_url)/licenses.json``
22 or copy ``ckanext/datagovau/theme/public/licenses.json`` to the same folder as your CKAN config ini file
23 and set ``licenses_group_url = file://%(here)s/licenses.json``
John Glover 25