b16ddd7 Alex Sadleir beginnings of autoupdate script
d7a2286 Alex Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://maxious.lambda…
0c359c5 Alex Sadleir related auth func
2a6c3e0 Alex Sadleir beginnings of autoupdate
fb502f1 Alex Sadleir Add licence
bbb2c25 root remove placeholder
6367bc1 root move stats fro 2.2
3b2d425 root remove white background on rsss feed on ckan 2.1
b364d01 root 2.1/ssl rss feed fixes
c2a7c0e Alex Sadleir add rssfeed
ebe354a Alex Sadleir Add stats link
4a98f04 Alex Sadleir Move API google analytics and AGLS metadata to se…
b18448b root varnish config dec 2013
cd34075 root my datasets deduplication
e2d9caa CKAN data.gov.au Add embed hint to datapreviews
d394e89 CKAN data.gov.au spatial template fixes
b43f9a6 root fix MultiDict error in API analytics
eed1a11 Maxious Google Analytics for CKAN API
937ca9b Alex Sadleir statistics helper functions
3bbcfdf Alex Sadleir rdf refactor
708f96d CKAN data.gov.au Update config for IE9 fonts and english only loca…
9f64ed1 CKAN data.gov.au add varnish config to ignore locales
3d384cb CKAN data.gov.au Roll back datastore auth plugin
d741881 Alex Sadleir Fix trailing resource template tag
7c7d8b7 Alex Sadleir Fix refactoring of plugin name
1b2b7e8 Alex Sadleir Remove old extras, include more RDFa markup for d…
3a8739b Alex Sadleir Remove old extras, include more RDFa markup for d…
6d4c083 Alex Sadleir Allow anonymous access to datastore API search
3e644c5 Alex Sadleir Move Disqus comments to package not resource page
829c316 Alex Sadleir Move Disqus comments to package not resource page
e25094f Alex Sadleir Don't hard code system user id
811e258 CKAN data.gov.au Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://maxious.lambda…
fc361bb CKAN data.gov.au add config files
c84d10a Alex Sadleir Show edited and created datasets on user profile/…
ddcc268 CKAN data.gov.au Move last active user logic to helper function
7c7acbf CKAN data.gov.au Load old data from extras key/value store
0855a1f Alex Sadleir Add meta tags on html output for package/resource
dacdcdc Alex Sadleir Update HTML package output to interim metadata st…
b0ad27e Alex Sadleir Work on unified metadata output
229c0ab Alex Sadleir initial commit
3f3edb3 John Glover [forms] bug fix: update groups schema in db_to_fo…
15dae57 Sean Hammond Update dataset_form.html
1e8edbb Sean Hammond Update ExampleDatasetForm, was broken by recent c…
20e68e7 Sean Hammond Replace obsolete route (package/index) in dataset…
8919ec4 Rufus Pollock [bugfix,docs][xs]: front page override was not wo…
589a6fa Sean Hammond Use nicer vocab names in dataset view template
623c81f Sean Hammond Fix a bug in the dataset form