e8c0bbe root lotta data master
785f492 root lotta updates
8c625ea root category breakdown
dc59c2d root unspsc update
425fb87 root add unspsc code infro for categories
115037c root fix supplier ID, add total value stat
dd43e0a root new sitemap.xml
f9f1e76 root new data
ec65262 root new stats box
cbf7bf4 root more panel/category tables
634279e root more tables for categories
77921a2 root text mode
7e7016a root fix search
8b95954 root add network graph
d8572b7 root Add standing offers
d70af8d Alex Sadleir Data update
32af7de Alex Sadleir confidentialityies
01b712b Alex Sadleir April 2015 data update
bdfee7a Alex Sadleir data update
7e35f81 Alex Sadleir update data
5150ad0 Alex Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
3b43c9a Alex Sadleir data update
e5afb46 Alex Sadleir remove some file
f921e77 Alex Sadleir 1213 ddg import
e31fd3e Alex Sadleir update UNSPSC source, fix data import errors
cf1fae9 Alex Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
bb352fd Alex Sadleir remove amon, fix openid
aca0140 Alex Sadleir tender data update 2013
6f63561 Maxious redact
bea0e42 Alex Sadleir update overviewer and neo4j exports
752b17a Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://maxious.lambdacomp…
7afe3ef Maxious add datagov importer
16b9c75 Alex Sadleir osx rename script
0ccba67 Alex Sadleir try to fix bubletree
e0a48ba Alex Sadleir code style/openspending
846904c Alex Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
b02981b Alex Sadleir pg fix
a92e5ab Maxious heuristics fix
4cf55d3 Maxious new naming scheme
e317d94 Maxious fix date input again
e390c5d Maxious reduce supplier sitemap size
c724329 Maxious add sitemap
9ea9ce9 Maxious fix heuristics
15abd46 Maxious more calendar fix
a474a77 Maxious fix calendar ids
0cdae5c Maxious update import data
5f0a85d Maxious better amon db error logging
f78eef7 Maxious amon key
1201b90 Maxious amon fixes
587330d Maxious search fixes
b849c4e Maxious amon-php!
ebcb7b6 Maxious Add beginnings of public contract ontology
9b94f2e Maxious Descriptive title tags
c23b3d3 Maxious more postgres migration
d6b53aa Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
8d0ed32 Maxious postgres migration
6ceeeaf Maxious Bootstrap upgrade fixes
fc2d7e7 Maxious Upgrade bootstrap to 2.1
5609720 Maxious Add Google Analytics
285010f Maxious full text description search
2e4b9b4 Maxious Add robots.txt
3bf6c34 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
adbd250 Maxious Add google webmaster tools and fix site map
1e76ce3 root title tag fixes
cf98c5b root Merge branch 'master' of /git/contractdashboard
ee3b884 Maxious Add openid security
5372baf root apples.* fixes
2367583 Maxious Updated calendar graph
6c56125 Maxious Update import.php for 2012
6e3b80c Alexander Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
4f352a4 Alexander Sadleir Fix CN frequency distribution graph
4b9e185 Maxious Fix supplier display by disabling graphs
961fdae Maxious Fix import PDO
85dc69f Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
675f54d Alexander Sadleir data update
bba91f3 Maxious Fix more graphs
9f031a5 Maxious add php color library csscolor.php
73e0f0e Maxious Add possible export for ap.org Overview document …
81adc43 Maxious Update import for better PDO statement reuse and …
c3370a6 Maxious Migrate agencies to 2 tables
5557431 Maxious OpenSpending csv updates
5615c5e Alexander Sadleir Improve OS validation
5317290 Alexander Sadleir robots.txt added
f7225b7 Maxious Use correct tuples of UNSPSC for export/bubbletree
f8d2cd2 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
dcbd870 Alexander Sadleir Remove troublesome scraper script
ad85afd Alexander Sadleir More unspsc
140ece2 Maxious Include textual subcategories in openspending/csv…
ad1dfb7 maxious Remove cutenews/yui, use twitter bootstrap css
b18a4bb Maxious Add netbeans project
0aeea6b maxious More MySQL purging
f935d7f maxious Script to fix old numeric IDs to new text IDs
15b2586 Alexander Sadleir Change references to numeric child/parent IDs whi…
2420c2a Alexander Sadleir CHange CNID to text
e7a6555 Alexander Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
52f29fc Maxious Upgrade neo4j batchimporter to 1.5
6e86e6d Alexander Sadleir Support partial data amendments with multi line d…
ad854ec Maxious Use cursor to export data to use less memory
a59b920 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
85a9705 Maxious Link blank ABNS