Add public ranking listing, link charts better
[disclosr.git] / getAgency.php
Alex Sadleir Add public ranking listing, link charts better
Alex Sadleir fix budget figure format
Alex Sadleir fix bootstrap default index
Alex Sadleir add rtk ausbudget import
Maxious use bootstrap
Maxious columns
Maxious RTK import
Maxious ausaid scraper
Maxious Schema updates
Maxious fix unwanted schema calls
Maxious Fix australian/american spelling of Organization
Maxious Include page titles in html title
root apples.* fixes
Maxious Add extra blank fields
Maxious Beginning of socmed import
maxious Use RDFa for semantic markup
Maxious Change has fields to be arrays of URLs that confi…
Maxious Add some more fields to schemas/agency.json.php
Alexander Sadleir Semantic on agency viewing
Maxious Remove blank fields from document when editing
Alexander Sadleir Better graph, include social media in schema for …
Maxious Add default fields including array fields from th…
Maxious Sort agencies by name
Maxious Better score for filling in blank fields
Maxious Fix hard coded ABN bug
Maxious URL formatting fixes
maxious Begin rss changes feed
maxious includes/nav cleanup
maxious Support adding fields on the fly
maxious Basic non-array field updating
maxious Edit and view modes for agency records
Maxious Record listing and individual viewing
Maxious Port to sette library
Maxious Make common include for DB/template