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d860461 Maxious fix servicealert editor due to "end" field master
61f8205 Maxious Semantic web markup.
3f70f54 Maxious OTP changes
22c3b4e Maxious Update apps list in about page
f593b18 Maxious Upgrade to jQM 1.1.0
d3af363 Maxious March 2012 school holidays support
7e70992 Maxious Fix bugs due to recent code standards enforcement
8c92bef Maxious Beginnings of live trip view kml
0d5ce4a Maxious Code standards, fix base path at least for php in…
bb905fe Maxious Code standards
9b85fc3 Maxious Upgrade to jquery mobile 1.1.0-rc.1
7d2bc6e Maxious Revert "Use yepnope for lazy loading JS"
b895ed0 Maxious Beginnings of ETA calc based on actual data
d3875c5 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of…
073b8b4 Maxious Multidimensional bus delay analysis
09bede5 Maxious Fixed - showing old service alerts when calling t…