d860461 Maxious fix servicealert editor due to "end" field master
61f8205 Maxious Semantic web markup.
3f70f54 Maxious OTP changes
22c3b4e Maxious Update apps list in about page
f593b18 Maxious Upgrade to jQM 1.1.0
d3af363 Maxious March 2012 school holidays support
7e70992 Maxious Fix bugs due to recent code standards enforcement
8c92bef Maxious Beginnings of live trip view kml
0d5ce4a Maxious Code standards, fix base path at least for php in…
bb905fe Maxious Code standards
9b85fc3 Maxious Upgrade to jquery mobile 1.1.0-rc.1
7d2bc6e Maxious Revert "Use yepnope for lazy loading JS"
b895ed0 Maxious Beginnings of ETA calc based on actual data
d3875c5 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of github.com:maxious/ACTBu…
073b8b4 Maxious Multidimensional bus delay analysis
09bede5 Maxious Fixed - showing old service alerts when calling t…
2f7d85d Maxious OTP graph config
2b2df30 Alexander Sadleir Fix merge of git modules
4aab11c Alexander Sadleir Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/maxio…
9714b3c Maxious Remove AWS SES from feedback email
5be7eaa Maxious Spring/summer cleaning - disable inactive labs pr…
0cbda21 Maxious More PHP 5.4 fixes
45c78f8 Maxious Use yepnope for lazy loading JS
e5c6822 Maxious Fix myway_timeliness_route
b3303ab Maxious Merge branch 'master' of github.com:maxious/ACTBu…
9313a23 Maxious Move static resources off amazon S3
4ed61cd Maxious Add amon monitoring hook
c143f5f Maxious Fix service alerts code standards
d9da594 Maxious Fix html validation errors on trip view
ec8dbe1 Maxious Fix minor code standards issues
714da6e Maxious add binary protobuf GTFSRT format
cb89db4 Maxious Rename servicealerts to local terminology "Real T…
3bfd141 Maxious Fix service alert filtering
a4a075b Maxious Fix street closure service alerts
3413f14 Maxious Fix service alert display and include stop/route …
af0f899 Maxious URL parameter to filter stop trips display by rou…
7cfc800 Alexander Sadleir Upgrade graphs to Flotr2
a729b72 maxious Show two directions and stops on routes/trips KML
6e68398 Maxious Ensure all variables are initialised in nearby ro…
8a79694 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of github.com:maxious/ACTBu…
138a5e1 maxious DB permission update
490aa8f Maxious KML for trips/routes/stops fixed
6fe4e5c Maxious Bump jQuery Mobile version to 1.0.1
4b3737d Maxious Fix php syntax issues
b984236 Maxious Merge branch 'master' of ssh://apples.lambdacompl…
d078a1d Maxious Fix search routes by final destination
1b9cced Maxious Kudos for Bus Trips ACT by Molson Chengalath
40087bd Maxious Don't show letters in lists that don't have entri…
cc4df63 Maxious Public holiday consideration in myway timeliness
8017e27 Maxious Consider route direction in